Although they’re not one of the biggest names in the casino industry, electracade has managed to offer a number of games via their platform since they were introduced in 2004. It’s worth noting that the company is now part of the openbet group, who acquired them in 2008. Based out of surrey in the uk, electracade focuses on this market and countries connected to these jurisdictions. All games that have been supplied by electracade are strictly instant-play, with no download options available at this time.


Electracade developers love creating video slot games with fantasy stories and themes. This is most prevalent in the company’s range of fantasy-themed games. Electracade developers are big fans of fantasy-themed games and the slots section is where they can really let their creative juices flow.


Rapunzel is one of electracade’s most popular video slots. It’s based on the classic fairy tale that many of us remember from childhood. But it’s not just the theme that makes this game stand out. The design, look and playability are unique and can’t be compared with other software providers. Electracade has a special talent for creating games that feel natural and exciting at every spin, with the knowledge that big wins are just a lucky spin away.

Rich pickings

Fantasy-themed slot games are becoming increasingly popular, with rich pickings being one of the most popular ones. However, don’t think that the developers are only capable of making these kinds of games. They are also able to take a more modernised approach.

The hoff slot

The hoff slot game is based on the iconic figure of david hasselhoff. It combines high-quality game mechanics with a popular and recognizable theme. Whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying that the hoff is a pretty cool personality to have on the front of your video slot.

Family fortune

The developer’s game, family fortune, is based on the popular us television show from the 1990s. While the gameplay doesn’t include embarrassing family moments, it is still enjoyable and exciting. You can check it out for yourself — you’re guaranteed to have never played anything like it. This is just one of the over 200 slots that electracade has created. What’s great about their games is that they are always changing them up, so you might find one of their slots at one casino and not be able to find it at another. This means you get to play old games that you didn’t even know existed, which keeps things fresh and exciting.

Instant Play

You can play electracade slots and other games directly through your web browser. This is a smart move by electracade since more and more computing is moving towards internet-based applications. The quality of the games is excellent and may even be better than some of the largest downloadable casino platforms.

Mobile version

Electracade provides games that can be played on any device without the need for extra software. In the past, people often downloaded extra software to make it easier to use on phones or tablets. But thanks to the evolving technology, electracade has upgraded its software so that it works quickly in browsers, whether players are using phones or laptops.