Crazy Tooth Studio

Cts, based in reno, nevada, was founded in 2011 by ceo ben hoffman. Cts focuses on creating quality content through its own development framework. Developing slots for a mobile-first platform, cts is a full-service game development studio. This is achieved through cts arsenal. This software provides unparalleled speed and connectivity for creative teams that want to get innovative games content into casinos fast. Cts has also created content for analogue cabinet games for bally technologies, including tree of eternal fortune and crystal spider. Its youtube channel also features a selection of promo videos.

The Best Crazy Tooth Studio Slots

Although cts may not have the biggest online slots collection, they have focused on creating a series of great analogue slots with unique features. It would be great to see some of their offline slots make the transition to digital format, such as wrecking ball with its 5−4–7–6 format and dynamic bonuses. These include the smash bonus, during which players get to use the wrecking ball, as well as the halo reels feature in dream pool which creates a pool of symbols that swirl around the screen. Additionally, volatile has a spanish fiesta feel and riftzone creates new symbol locations that can fill up with wilds and multipliers. Lastly, diamond force is cts’s take on a superhero slot with a team-up bonus that results in some truly heroic wins when full stacks of symbols combine to create new reels.

If you’re looking for a fantasy-themed experience, arctic valor is an impressive slot with captivating sounds and visuals, and some great gameplay. Icicles grow from the top of the screen, waiting to scatter wild transformations and really come into their own during the free spins bonus games feature. If you’re a fan of complex and compelling gameplay, the alluring atmosphere of the lady earth slot will draw you in. The astrology-inspired design is stunning, and the game makes the most of the respin insanity feature. In addition, there’s a five-level pick me bonus where you’ll need to complete pictures to earn increasingly lucrative multiplier prizes. This is a perfect example of cts not being afraid to challenge convention and create truly immersive slots.

Crazy Tooth Studio Software

Crazy tooth studio’s games might not leave you in awe, but their quality design, playing features, and innovative solutions are sure to attract customers. Their motto is «quality always wins,» and to ensure this they have developed their collaborative-iteration platform and framework cts arsenal™. This allows them to design games from concept to the final product quickly and without sacrificing quality. Their team of developers, designers, mathematicians, and engineers create each game from scratch, ensuring that each one is unique and of the highest quality. All of their games are developed using the latest html5 and unity technology, so they can be played on any game engine.

There are many reasons to choose crazy tooth studio games. They are known for their innovative gameplay features and amazing graphics. Their most popular titles include diamond bride, volatile, and wrecking ball. These games are only available at physical casino sites. Hopefully, in the future, they will be making the move online so everyone can enjoy their games!