The dutch government provides one of the top gambling licenses in the world to casino operators, service providers, and casino operators in the igaming industry. The netherlands gambling license lets operators conduct business associates to lotto, casino, and various other gaming related activities. The netherlands is known for relaxed laws on prostitution and drugs, but has strict regulations and laws when it comes to gambling. However, the country has recently relaxed the laws associated with non-dutch casino operators operating in the country. This is the reason some of the top brands have taken the risk to start their business in the dutch market. Only recently, the dutch government approved the remote gambling act. This law is going to regulate online gambling in the country and will let players from the netherlands participate in online gambling in a reliable and safe manner. Hence, operators can now apply for a netherlands gambling license to offer online gambling. The infrastructure of the country provides a wide range of services to providers and gaming operators.

Types of Licenses

The dutch gambling authority offers several types of licences, including an operating licence, which is required to operate slots and other gambling devices, and a gaming machine licence, which is required when offering gaming machines in public places, such as pubs. There is also a non-remote general betting (limited) operating licence, which is required when betting on horse racing and harness racing results. For organising a one-time lottery, a single licence is required, while a multi-year licence, valid for a longer period of time, is granted to big national operators, such as lotto, holland casino and staatsloterij. Finally, there is a non-recurring licences for gambling products with prizes and premiums that amount to €4500 or more, where 50% of the face value of the tickets sold must be spent on a goal of common interest.

KSA Duties and Responsibilities

The ksa netherlands has set out a 4-year plan to achieve five main goals in the gambling industry. The key mission of this government body is to protect customers, prevent abuse, provide a safe gaming environment and test games and odds for fairness and transparency. You can find a list of the main duties and responsibilities of the ksa below:

  • regulate the dutch gambling market
  • supervision and law enforcement
  • promote addiction prevention
  • provide information
  • prevent match fixing among licence holders

The player’s experience is at the forefront of the ksa’s agenda, so the gambling authority works to prevent gambling addiction. This administrative body strives to create a market with safe and fair gambling services that gamblers can enjoy.


The dutch gambling authority is a highly reliable organization. Its goal is to protect dutch players from illegal and criminal forms of gambling and misleading advertisements. The dutch gambling authority regularly imposes sanctions to protect consumers and prevent gambling addiction. It also seeks to protect minors and other vulnerable individuals from exposure to gambling.