Since 2010, belgium has adopted a number of changes to its gaming laws. These revisions include the regulation of online gambling, which is now overseen by the gaming commission. In 2019, additional changes were made that required gambling institutions to consult with local municipalities. Belgium is focused on protecting its citizens and has adopted measures such as the european fourth anti-money laundering directive. This helps to safeguard players’ finances and prevent terrorist activity.

History of the Belgian Gaming Commission

The belgium gaming license has a long and rich history, dating back to the 14th century. Historians have uncovered evidence of games like cards and lotteries being played by belgians during this time. In the 15th century, a nationwide lottery was also established. However, gambling is much more organized in modern times, especially under the supervision of the belgian gaming commission (bgc). Founded in 1999, the bgc is responsible for monitoring gambling licenses, supervising gaming activities, and advising the government on gambling-related matters. Online gambling has been legal in belgium since 2002; however, betting companies are required to be licensed in order to operate legally. In 2011, the gaming act was rewritten to mandatorily require online gambling companies to also have a land-based licensed company in belgium. Those without a terrestrial betting place can liaise with a company that has one. Belgium is still one of the few european countries that permit online gambling.

Belgium Online Gambling Regulations

The belgian gaming commission, founded in 1999, is the leading betting authority in belgium with sole responsibility for licensing gambling. In addition to its main role, the commission is also responsible for player protection and regulation of license-holders, including penalties. The commission advises the belgian government on games of chance, from support for drafting royal decrees to advice on legislation amendments or questions relating to games of chance. National anti-money laundering regulations, unusual transactions act, counter-terrorism financing regulations and know your customer policies are applicable to all belgium gambling companies.

The belgian gaming commission is responsible for ensuring that gaming businesses and services in belgium operate according to government standards and regulations. This includes conducting compliance audits on a regular basis to make sure that licensees are meeting the terms of their license. Licensees must keep a complete audit trail for each player, including financial transactions and individual bets. They must also make their gaming systems, including back-end software logs, available to third-party auditors. The commission also has access to gaming rules, results of the games, and pay-outs for five years.

Different Legal Licences Issued by the BGC

When conducting our blog on belgium gambling laws, we found an interesting approach by local casinos. Many operators in be have decided to «lease» their licence to well-known international companies. This is beneficial for both sides, given the circumstances. As we have mentioned earlier, obtaining local permits can be very difficult.

There are 9 different licences that the bgc can issue in the country: licence a — for gambling establishments class i: casinos. Licence b — for gambling establishments class ii: slot machine arcades. Licence c — for gambling establishments class iii: drinking establishments. Class d permit — for the personnel working in a casino, slot machine or betting office. Licence e — for the leasing, sale, rental, supply, import, export, provision, production and services of repair, maintenance, and equipment of games of chance. F1 licence — for bet organisers. Licence f2 — for gambling establishments class iv: betting offices. Licence g1 — for television games. Licence g2 — for games of chance via other media (radio games and games via the printed press).

To operate an online casino in belgium, you need to have an a+ or b+ licence. If you want to offer sports betting services as well, you will need an additional f+ grant. These extensions are only available to companies that already have brick & mortar a, b, or f permits.

Security at Online Casinos Licensed by Belgium Gaming Commission

In belgium, the security standards for online casinos are very high. Only companies that also operate offline can apply for a license to offer gambling games online. This means that all online casinos in belgium are run by reputable and trustworthy businesses. The high barrier to entry also prevents foreign operators with bad reputations from entering the market. Consequently, players can be sure that the games offered are fair and belgian residents can play online without worry. In addition, the government requires every casino to have a clear history of its cash flow and only permits trusted payment providers. When playing online, all player data and transactions are protected by ssl encryption.