If you’re looking for safe online casinos, you’ve come to the right place. Webmoney is the most popular platform for online gambling payments in eastern europe, and it’s easy to see why. First and foremost, online casino sites that accept webmoney provide your financial operations with complete confidentiality. This not only allows you to overcome any blocking of transactions connected with casinos, but it also enables you to unveil personal and financial details if you so choose. There’s no games with your data here. With webmoney accounts being easy to top up and actual money transfers being instant and mobile-friendly, it’s no surprise that the best online betting houses in russia, georgia, and moldova see the webmoney payment option as a must.

Our article provides a comprehensive guide to webmoney casinos, including a list of approved casinos, deposit and withdrawal processes, and bonuses and promotions. We also offer a brief guide to webmoney casinos in different post-soviet countries, explaining various bonus offers and tricks.

How to use WebMoney in an online casino?

If you’re able to use webmoney, it’s a quick and easy way to make a casino deposit. To start, you’ll need an account with your chosen casino; the process should only take a few minutes. You’ll also need a webmoney account, which will give you a webmoney id number to use once it’s set up. To deposit money into a webmoney casino, go to the casino’s cashier and select webmoney from the list of payment methods. Then, enter the amount you want to deposit, followed by your webmoney login details. Once you confirm the amount, the funds should appear in your casino account right away.

Webmoney withdrawals are usually more complicated than deposits, as it depends on the casino. It’s a good idea to check with the casino in advance whether they allow webmoney withdrawals, as some casinos may charge a fee. The amount could also take several days to appear in your account.

Is WebMoney Safe?

Webmoney is a secure and instant way to perform transactions, with irrevocable and dedicated encryption methods. Webmoney offers three ways to authenticate and keep your information private: login and password, secret keys, or digital certificates. You can also choose your privacy levels when performing a webmoney transfer. The company provides additional security measures for transfers, such as approval and blocking of ip addresses, sms confirmation codes, and more.

Where Can You Use WebMoney?

Webmoney is an alternative for individuals who don’t have a bank account or credit card. The system was designed especially for international transactions and high risk payments at merchants online. Their escrow system provides secure transactions and fraud screening to protect customers. Webmoney is currently available in 38 countries such as armenia, azerbaijan, belarus, georgia, kazakhstan, kyrgyzstan, latvia, lithuania, moldova or russia.

Using your WebMoney account at online casinos

It’s easy to use webmoney to make a deposit at an online casino that accepts this payment method. Login to your casino account and go to the cashier page. Select webmoney from the deposit options. Enter the amount you want to deposit and your webmoney account details. Confirm the transaction, and the funds will be transferred from webmoney to your casino balance right away so you can start playing.

Withdrawing money from an online casino to your webmoney account is a process that is similar. You will want to navigate to the «cashier» page, and look for the withdrawal methods which are supported by the online casino. You will see «webmoney» as an option, so you need to select this. Enter the amount that you would like to withdraw, as well as the required information about your webmoney account. After this, you will need to confirm the withdrawal transaction. A confirmation message will appear, saying that your withdrawal is underway. However, it may take some time for you to receive your funds in your webmoney account.

The main reason for the delay in withdrawals is that online casinos will verify all withdrawal requests as part of their standard procedure, regardless of the payment method you choose. This is a manual process and will take a specific amount of time. If the casino is particularly busy, there will be more withdrawal transactions to verify, which will increase the time. Once the casino approves your withdrawal, the amount will be transferred to your webmoney account where you can use it for other purposes. Webmoney withdrawal transactions are normally much faster than bank transfers.

Limits, Fees and Supported Currencies

Webmoney has a different banking model than other online payment solutions, so it isn’t limited by the same rules and regulations. This is most noticeable in how much money users can transfer at any time. While some ewallet services only allow transactions of up to several thousand per month, webmoney seems to give users a lot more leeway. There are four different limits on how much money can be stored in a wm purse. If a phone number hasn’t been verified, the maximum amount that can be stored is $200 or its equivalent in other currencies. If verification has been done via sms or enum, then the limit goes up to $600. Holders of the «initial passport» (a level of verification) have their limits raised to $12,000, and those with a «personal passport» can have as much as $120,000 in their purse.

Webmoney offers support for a variety of fiat currencies and their wm equivalents. For example, you can open a purse in: russian rubles (wmr), euros (wme), belarusian rubles (wmb), ukrainian hryvnia (wmu), vietnamese dong (wmv), or united states dollars (wmz).

Webmoney also supports digital wallets for various commodities, such as gold and cryptocurrency. In more detail: g-purse — a wallet for gold traded on exchanges and stored in certified vaults, with a wm equivalent token of wmg x-purse — a wallet for storing bitcoin, with a wm equivalent token of wmx h-purse — a wallet for storing bitcoin cash, with a wm equivalent token of wmh l-purse — a wallet for storing litecoin, with a wm equivalent token of wml

Each payment has a 0.8% commission with a minimum of 0.01 wm units (or 500 wmv). The maximums are: 50 wmz, 50 wme, 1,500 wmr, 250 wmu, 100 wmb, 2 wmg, 5 wmx, 30 wmh, 1,000,000 wmv, 9,000 wmk.

Webmoney advantages and disadvantages

The webmoney payment system has several benefits that make it worth your attention as casino players. We have prepared for you a complete list of benefits and disadvantages so that you can decide whether or not to use webmoney.

Webmoney is a popular payment system all over the world that provides the ability to make payments in 11 different currencies. Also, at the moment, more than 40 million electronic wallets have been created in the payment system. A user’s account is reliably protected in various ways, including a secret key and restricting access to user data. Since no official financial institutions, for example, banks, are involved in the process of such transfers, webmoney casinos are a popular way to bypass regulatory restrictions as common as blocking gambling transactions. Funds will be credited to the webmoney online casino account instantly.

The company’s website requires advance registration to use webmoney. (players need to create an account and add funds to their wallet to use webmoney.) commission may be charged for various transactions using webmoney, including adding funds to your wallet, withdrawing funds from your wallet, and transferring funds within the webmoney system.