Telepay sl, a spanish multinational company based in madrid, offers teleingreso, a prepaid service created to support people in the european and latin american markets. With this method, you can pay for goods in stores or make deposits at online casinos. Several casinos are partnering with the payment method to increase its exposure.

How to deposit with Teleingreso

Teleingreso casinos might not be the most straightforward to deposit in. This is because getting teleingreso funds can be tricky, as you need to go to stores or atm’s manually to get them. And since you don’t need an account to use their service, you have to buy these funds beforehand by purchasing cards and loading them later. So, what you do is—enter your casino of choice, and pick teleingreso as your deposit method. A payment window will pop up, requesting the amount you want to deposit. After doing that, you’ll be given a 9-digit code that’ll be used for the transaction later on. Go to any teleingreso outlet, store, or supported atm service, and transfer the funds using the code given to you. This can take up to five days, so it depends on the casino itself. Talk to their customer support team to find out how long they take to process such transactions.

How to withdraw to Teleingreso

There is no way to withdraw money using teleingreso since it is a prepaid service. You are not given an account number and each time you want to deposit money, you are given a unique, randomly generated code. This means that you will have to consider other alternatives if you want to withdraw money. Additionally, you will not have to deal with verification policies from the operator regarding the payment method itself. However, a normal kyc verification will be required at some point.

Pros and cons of Teleingreso

Teleingreso is a secure and easy way to pay for items online. You don’t need to register or share any personal or banking data, you just get your code and pay at the outlet of your choice. You have full control of the entire process — a big plus point for people cautious about buying items online. It’s also extremely accessible for people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to online payments — this may include elderly people or customers who choose not to have a bank account. There are no limits to the number of times you can use teleingreso.

Whilst teleingreso has some advantages, such as being free to use, there are also some drawbacks. One key downside is that it is a lot slower than many other online methods which offer instant payments. Another is that it is only available in spain.

Top Teleingreso Casinos

This service is increasingly popular among spanish players, with many top teleingreso online casino venues situated in spain. This convenience for funding their online casino site comes with some great advantages like special bonuses and promotions available on a daily or weekly basis.