The lottomaticard is a prepaid visa card created by lottomatica, an italian gaming company. The card can be used to fund different online casino accounts in addition to a lottomatica account. If you’re looking to use a lottomaticard for casino deposits, simply use the deposit method labeled «visa» or «visa electron.» check out the selection of lottomaticard casinos below.

How to use a Lottomaticard

If you want to get a lottomaticard, you can just visit one of their shops. They are located all over italy, even in small rural areas. If you’re not sure if your local shop has lottomaticard, just look for the lottomaticard sticker on the door. You will need to provide proof of your identity and your tax details. Then, you will sign a registration form, confirming that all the details you have provided are accurate. The card will cost you 5 euros. Once you have your new card, you can use it at all the lottomaticard casinos and most places where visa is accepted. If you need cash, you can use your pin and puk codes to get money out of italian bank machines or lottomaticard outlets.

Deposits and Withdrawals

You can use your lottomaticard at an online casino by loading it with funds. This can be done online with a credit or debit card, or you can do it at a retailer that supports lottomaticard. This second option enables you to use cash to top-up, which is ideal if you wish to minimise online transactions or if you don’t have a bank account. You will need your puk and pin codes to add funds to your lottomaticard. Once you add funds, they will be available to use instantly. You can then deposit money into your online casino account, and it will become available right away.

Lottomaticard also enables you to withdraw money from your online casino account in real-time. If there is no specific lottomaticard option at the online casino, you can use the debit card option thanks to the card’s affiliation with visa electron. Casinos that accept lottomaticard will not charge you anything to use this payment option, and the service is free to use. Once you have topped up your card, you are free to spend that balance as you wish without any additional costs.


Lottomaticard’s online transaction security is unrivaled. You will only ever need to input your card details during a purchase. Since the card has no ties to any bank accounts or credit cards, there is no way for thieves to steal anything significant from you if those details were compromised. The card itself doesn’t have any personal information, so if someone got ahold of it they would only be able to steal money if they guessed your pin correctly.


Lottomaticard is based in italy and most of its users are from italy. People from outside italy can use the service in some cases, but it would be hard for them to find a place to get the card. So, the card is mostly used by italian residents.