Laser operates in the same way as any other debit card. It is only available from national irish bank, which is the leading bank in ireland. So, if you have an account with national irish bank, you will be given the laser debit card automatically, without even having to apply for it. There are not many casinos that accept laser as a deposit method. Generally, any online casino that targets irish players will offer laser as one of the primary deposit methods. If your casino offers laser as a deposit method, then transferring money to your casino account should be straightforward. Simply enter your debit card details along with the amount to be transferred and complete the deposit. It’s as easy as that.

How to deposit with Laser?

The payment option was only available for players in ireland who had a laser card from one of the banks that issued the card. You would have to visit the local branch of any of the banking institutions to create an account with them and get the debit card. Then, you could start using laser to make deposits on online gaming sites.

Other steps to deposit with laser were easy once you have obtained the payment card. You just had to confirm that the casino supported this payment solution. After which you could log in to your account at the casino, navigate to the cashier section, choose laser or another debit card option from the list of available deposit methods. You would then just have to ensure you had enough funds in the bank account linked to the debit card. The last step would be to select the amount you wanted to deposit as well as enter the other required details to complete the transaction.

How to withdraw your earnings from online casinos using Laser

If you want to withdraw your money from an online casino using laser, all you have to do is select laser as your withdrawal method. Once selected, you will be asked to provide all of the required financial information for the casino to process the payment. In most cases, online casinos will request some form of identity verification before making a withdrawal for the first time. If you have already verified your identity, your online casino should tell you that your payment will be processed soon. However, it is important to note that payments made using credit and debit cards are not processed instantly. It usually takes 3–7 business days for the payment to be received from the online casino. Additionally, there may be some additional fees charged by either laser or the online casino.

Laser bonus at online casinos

Players love getting bonuses because they provide the best gaming experience on online casinos. Laser casinos implemented a strategy of giving bonuses to players when they deposited with the payment method, which included deposit bonuses and free spins. These attractive bonuses were meant to enhance your playtime as well as your loyalty to the site. However, you could not withdraw the winnings from your bonuses via this payment method, so you would need to find another payment system to withdraw your winnings.