EnterCash is a payment method that allows players to deposit funds to their online casino account directly from their bank account. EnterCash is available to players in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, and Spain, and is a popular payment method in these countries.

To use EnterCash to deposit funds to an online casino account, players simply select the EnterCash option from the list of available payment methods at the casino’s cashier. They will then be redirected to the EnterCash website, where they will need to select their bank from a list of supported banks and log in to their online banking account.

Players can then complete the transaction by entering the amount they wish to deposit and verifying the payment. The funds will be transferred from the player’s bank account to their online casino account almost instantly, allowing them to start playing their favourite casino games right away.

One of the advantages of using EnterCash is that it is a secure payment method. All transactions are encrypted to protect the player’s personal and financial information, and the player’s bank account details are never shared with the online casino.

Another advantage of using EnterCash is that there are usually no fees associated with making deposits, although players should always check with their bank and online casino to confirm this. EnterCash is also a convenient payment method, as players can make deposits from anywhere they have access to their online banking account.

Overall, EnterCash is a reliable and secure payment method that is a popular choice for players in certain countries. If you live in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, or Spain and are looking for a convenient and secure way to deposit funds to your online casino account, EnterCash may be worth considering.